We take great care in ensuring a high-quality video and audio stream for your conference. Our team uses a combination of professional-grade equipment and techniques to ensure the best possible stream for your attendees.

First, we use high-definition cameras and audio recording equipment to capture the conference. We can also provide multiple cameras to provide different angles and perspectives, ensuring that attendees have a comprehensive view of the conference.

We also utilize multiple audio sources, such as handheld microphones and wireless lavalier microphones, to capture clear and accurate audio of the speakers and attendees.

Next, we use advanced encoding technology to compress and transmit the video and audio stream. We use a variety of streaming protocols and bitrates to ensure a stable and high-quality stream that can be viewed on a variety of devices. We transmit this over a bonded network connection of up to four internet sources including, ethernet, WIFI and cellular mobile data.

Finally, we have a dedicated team of technicians and engineers who monitor the live stream throughout the conference to ensure that the stream is running smoothly and to troubleshoot any issues that may arise.

We also do a test run, a dry-run, before the actual conference to ensure that the all the equipments, network and other technical things are working fine and we are able to deliver the best possible live streaming experience to your attendees.