Schools and athletic centres across Australia invest thousands of dollars a year in sports teams and technology. These activities encourage good health, community appreciation, and teamwork.

Jum Media is the exclusive dealer of sports scoreboards for clubs, recreational facilities, and team venues. We proudly provide these incredible 12-in-1 display solutions for athletes and fans across the country.

State-of-the-Art LED Scoreboards

A multi-sport scoreboard is the premier venue display technology in Australia. These intuitive products provide high-definition brightness and visibility for indoor and outdoor spaces.

Customers who invest in LED scoreboards have a hard time returning to conventional methods. You can enjoy several perks when choosing these cost-efficient tools, such as:

  • Easy Installation: Conventional scoreboard installation can be a hassle. Fortunately, our products require little setup. Your venue can start the game without technical headaches or delays.
  • Wireless Capabilities: Remote scoring controls allow you to operate anywhere in the venue. Wireless product features help you to track the game without needing someone to adjust the board manually.
  • Simple Learning Curve: Enjoy simplicity when using these scoreboards. Our manufacturing partners designed these products with a user-friendly interface so that you can keep time and track scores without confusion during the game.
  • Durability: These receivers will withstand weathering, allowing you to keep score during rain or shine. Acrylic glass protects the screen to prevent dirt and objects from scratching the display.

Sports Scoreboards for Events

How can you be confident that this scoreboard will offer what you need?

We ensure that you find the appropriate scoreboard display for your needs, regardless of the sport. These scoreboards dedicate displays for over ten games, including:

  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Baseball Major League
  • Baseball Minor League
  • Indoor Football
  • Outdoor Football
  • American Football
  • Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Badminton

Other features include count-up/down timers as well as quiz scoreboard options. Expect manufacturers to add more game displays for this product in the future.

How Do Digital Scoreboards Work?

High-definition wireless scoreboards operate with a series of inputs and displays. You plug the system into a large LED TV via an HDMI receiver module. The screen may prompt you to change some video settings depending on the brand.

These products utilise a built-in rechargeable battery that lasts up to seven hours. You can charge your primary and auxiliary receivers with an included micro-USB cable. We recommend doing this before every event to have a long-lasting battery when you need it.

Use the main controller to send information to the display. These products include multiple sub-controllers for additional users.

Every scoreboard comes with a portable air horn and impact-resistant acrylic glass.

In addition, you can operate these products with smart touch-screen control. Menu options will allow you to change settings and information whenever you please.

Who Is Buying This Product?

Wireless sports scoreboards are popular among many different clients.

These solutions are portable, so even a small team can take them on the go. This advantage makes these products essential for travelling sports teams and schools.

Modern scoreboard technology is a great way to enhance the atmosphere of any large indoor or outdoor facility. Major league sports clubs should invest in these products to streamline the game and provide a professional display to fans.

Our suppliers integrate this scoreboard solution with cutting-edge software to automatically keep time and provide updates. For this reason, a wireless board is an indispensable tool for stadiums and fast-paced events.

Enhance the Game

These products impact how crowds interact with the sport. If the fans can’t keep track of the score, they will lose interest quickly.

Investing in sports scoreboards is an excellent way to keep people engaged throughout the event. LED video displays let fans see every detail of the action on the big screen. Brightness settings also allow you to add more colour to indoor spaces.

Some models provide smart caption technology to maximise your options for multi-purpose fields. This solution allows you to change team names, customise text, and more.

Why You Should Avoid a Manual Board

Manual scoreboards are now archaic in many parts of Australia. These installations often require multiple operators. A taller scoreboard may also create safety risks for those who need to climb up to change details.

However, anyone can operate a wireless scoreboard. These products are fast and reliable, so you won’t need to organise a staff just to change the display. You can stay safe by changing the score anywhere on the ground or in the stands.

A manual scoreboard can also have dozens of pieces that require storage space and frequent replacements. Unfortunately, finding many of these replacements in local stores can be challenging. Conversely, an LED scoreboard keeps everything centralised, so you avoid cumbersome equipment.

Why Partner with Jum Media?

Our media experts tested every product we offer with significant attention to detail. We take time to select the right manufacturing partners. This way, you can be confident about your sport installation.

When you shop with us, we guarantee the following:

  • Transparent communication during every interaction
  • Personalised options
  • Products designed with care
  • A simple browsing experience
  • Professional wisdom and advice
  • Customer satisfaction

If you need help troubleshooting your new scoreboard, our experts are happy to point you in the right direction.

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Sports products continue to evolve and offer new conveniences for athletes and fans. At Jum Media, we stay on top of these trends by offering incredible deals to our customers. Don’t wait to enhance your next sports experience; get started today by choosing from our inventory of modern and reliable scoreboards.

Live sports entertainment is growing in popularity across the globe, creating a high demand. Our representatives will help you explore these products and find what you need.

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