Increase your Auction Clearance Rates with Live Auction Streaming

As a real estate agency, you know all too well that auction clearance rates are a key performance indicator for the industry. While there are many factors out of your control, you can focus on those within it by evolving your business for the future.

With new era digitalisation and live auction reporting, gone are the days of potential buyers spending their entire weekend going from auction to auction. How are you recapturing your lost audience?

Improve your buyers’ experience with the introduction of high-quality live auction streaming. Enhance the excitement and turn viewers into buyers by sharing every emotion live from your auctions on your website and social media.

Jum Media are experts in broadcasting competitive bidding environments, offering multiple features to strengthen the emotional connection between the seller, the buyer and the property.

Users Comment On Facebook Live Videos At 10x The Rate Of Regular Videos
of consumers prefer to watch live videos from a brand than read a blog
of marketers use live video

Auction Live Streams

Witness The Difference

The Australian real estate market has always been volatile. This forces agencies to begin thinking outside of the box to increase profit margins and overall clearance rates. Set yourself apart from your competitors by introducing a customised live auction experience to the hands of your viewers.

You have the ability to create a personalised agency-branded pre-auction show that showcases the property and allows you to promote the highlighted features. For the main event, create excitement with a live bidding tally and play by play stats of the big day. Then consider closing with a host wrap up coverage of the auction to promote other listings for buyers who may have missed out. Jum Media have multiple solutions for you to create self-branded broadcasting that streams natively on your website and social media platforms and provides an engaging experience for your audience.

Providing Limitless Opportunities For Buyers

Hosting multiple auctions in a day?

Our auction broadcast solution is a great way to host multiple auctions from various locations all on the same day. Simply setting up a broadcast room in your office conference room can highlight the best parts of the weekend action. Our auction live stream service has the ability to switch between different video sources. Switch back and forth between all the live action and the face of your real estate agency to give your viewers all the information they need for greater trust in your agency. Why not use this time to not only feature the auctions of the day but to highlight and showcase upcoming sales and events. 

Data-Driven Sales

It takes a calculated approach to make sales and we believe our live auction streaming requires the same focus. Jum Media work closely with our partner agencies to analyse results with the outlook of continual optimisation and enhancement of the viewer experience. 

Key Analytical Data includes;

  • Live viewer tally

  • Time spent on the page
  • Viewer engagement rate
  • Detailed demographics
  • and many more

Fail-Safe Broadcasting

Most live streaming services rely on a single internet connection. Our unique multi-connection live stream is what sets us apart from the rest which means there is no need for you to worry about running out of data, or the data source running out of power. Jum Media use ‘bonded live streaming’ which connects the live auction stream to 2 mobile connections, NBN connection, local area network connection and WIFI. Our 5 connections options allow for fail-safe broadcasting.

We prepare for the worst-case scenario and if a said unfortunate event was to happen and all of the connections fail, we utilise a holding slide to entertain your audience while we work to fix the issue.

Jum Media Turnkey Solutions

  • Our service offering includes 3 camera solutions (single, multi or remote) to suit a range of budgets and broadcast types.
  • Our graphics team works closely with our clients to create an engaging broadcast through the inclusion of live tallies, social media commentary, translation services and much more.
  • Our talented videographers have a combination of impeccable experience in technology and service which is why our clients rely on us year after year.

Find out how Jum Media can help you reach your Real Estate Agency goals today.