Pay Per View Live Stream – The Ultimate Strategy For Premium Content

Looking to monetise your live stream content?
The first step and key to successful monetisation is to create…

Compelling, high quality content that viewers will pay to see

When you have all the right ingredients, we can gate your live stream video with the best paywall and pay-per-view solution to take your premium content to market. Our end-to-end service includes provision of the pay per view platform on which to stream your content, then we provide your revenue/funds raised at the end. It’s so simple it’s beautiful.

What is a Paywall?

A paywall is essentially a wall or page that prohibits users from accessing the content until they have paid to do so. Paywalls can be used to guard any digital asset, from live streams to research papers, webinars, corporate events, and everything in between.

Content Suited to Pay Per View


Sports content is a popular paywall market. Fan’s much prefer watching the game unfold LIVE than hearing the outcome after the event. Put a ticket on your live streamed matches and invite a remote crowd of loyal fans.


Concerts and entertainment content is premium pay-per-view material. Just like in sports, music fans really value the excitement of a live performance. Concerts are also suitable for monetisation as on-demand content post the live event. Fans love to indulge on exclusives and golden moments behind the scenes.

Courses and Workshops

Great educational content can have a high ticket price tag for access. If you are an influencer in your field with insights and knowledge to share, your paid courses or workshops will be valuable to your following. Most importantly…it should be lucruitave for you.

Conferences & Seminars

Delegates converge for your event from far and wide; but YOU are no longer limited by your location or venue. Stream to a local, national or global live audience who would’ve loved to make it to the event in person, and will happily purchase their remote ticket.

Trade Shows

For all that amazing content your attendees AND stallholders couldn’t possibly get around to see. The buzz of a live trade show makes for premium paid viewing.


Your audience might be global, so why limit your expertise to a conference room? Live webinars are fast becoming some of the most watched educational content on the web.