Graphic overlays in your live stream are a powerful branding, and sponsorship promotional tool.

With attractive graphics even a simple single camera stream can be transformed into a captivating professional production.

From Affordable Template Solutions to Full Stack Premium Custom Designs

Jum Media Graphic Overlay packages are catered to your budget and corporate or sporting image. Your stream is branded to perfection through our comprehensive end-to-end service.

Types of Graphic Overlays

There are three main types of graphic overlay

  • Logo Overlay

    Add a small unobtrusive logo to your live stream to keep your brand front of mind. Include sponsor logos to monetise your content, and best represent your supporters.

  • Lower or Upper Third Graphics

    Add simple lines of text and animations to the top or bottom sections of the video. Perfect for providing information about the current speaker, or the topic up for discussion. It’s here we can also integrate live social media data feeds and/or hold an interactive poll.

  • Full Screen Graphics 

    Create a full screen image intro and outro, share slides, photos, charts, sponsor messages – you name it, we make it happen.

Why Overlay Graphics on live video?

Dynamic overlays can provide a more immersive viewing experience. Designed and implemented to high-level broadcast quality and timed to perfection, your live stream will always be sharp and professional.

Graphic Creation
Using intuitive top of the range software, the Jum Media digital crew can custom design your graphics to suit a broad range of content including:

  • Branded overlays – custom colours and fonts
  • Countdown timers and calls to action
  • Text overlays informing a speaker name and occupation

  • Live polls and social media comment feeds
  • Sporting scores and statistics / player info

We help you get your message across flawlessly.