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Affordable live streaming services to share your events with anyone, anywhere in real time and exceptional quality.

Engage and interact with a global audience, generate additional revenue streams, present your event in the digital arena and achieve a record attendance.

  • Stream to multiple sources, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or your own webpage. Name your digital platform

  • Moderated live interaction with data feeds straight from social media

  • SMS and live chat integration into your live stream

  • Graphic overlays and media playback

  • Leverage pay per view streaming, ads and sponsorship options to monetise your stream.

  • Post-live editing services to create the perfect memento, or highly effective marketing content

Live video = Marketing Gold

Your event live streaming video becomes a powerful tool in your marketing collateral. Edit, re-use and re-purpose to your advantage for years to come. Live video is a firm feature in every modern marketing plan.

  • Red carpets & premieres

  • Sporting events

  • Grand finals

  • Trade shows & festivals

  • Media calls

  • Concerts & live performances

  • Charity events & fundraisers

  • Annual general meetings

If your event is something special…stream it!

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Monetising Event Live Streaming Videos

Does your event rely on ticket sales, or advertising and sponsorship?

Explore exciting revenue opportunities for live stream campaigns.

  • Offer sponsorship packages with graphic and logo overlays on your video

  • Charge viewers a fee to virtually attend your event through a pay per view paywall

  • Charge a small fee for users to download an archived version of your event

  • Add Call to Actions and TV Commercials to your video during the live stream or post-live

  • Leverage digital channel offerings such as pre-roll ads, mid-roll ads and display and overlay ads

Live Streaming Private Events

For those occasions no one wants to miss.

Live stream private events to friends and family, so they can experience your function in real time, and interact as if they were there.

  • Weddings

  • Engagement parties

  • Anniversaries

  • Birthdays

  • Funeral Services

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How does it work?

Our event live streaming services don’t begin or end with a shoot.

We’ll help you bring your vision LIVE.

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