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There’s no time like the present.

Your Challenge

From a community meeting to an international multi-stage festival, hosting an event comes with its share of organisational and logistical challenges.

  • Expense and Budget: How can you keep within budget, raise sufficient sponsorship to promote your event effectively, reach the required attendance numbers and achieve a return?
  • Attendees: Is your ticket price reasonable to ensure you fill your venue with the right audience? Will your attendees feel like your event is great value for money?
  • Sponsorships and Funding: Those who have the funding to give, are being asked for it from every angle. They have busy schedules and dozens of events to choose from. How can you attract the right stakeholders to your event? Where is the extra value for them?

Challenges and hurdles OR freedom and opportunities?

You decide.

Event Live Streams

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Take every opportunity. What is it that you need?

Broader engaged attendance | More funding | Community Involvement and Support | Marketing material | Increased Revenue

…or all of the above?

Live streaming can help you achieve all of this, and more. When it comes to event promotion, technology is in your corner.

  • Extend your reach to a global audience who are uninhibited by distance, time or cost
  • Reach anyone, anywhere, on any device in real time
  • Attract more funding and high profile sponsorship deals
  • Meet the needs of today’s millennial expectations
  • Allow for simultaneous entertainment, speakers and events with footage available to attendees post event
  • Repurpose content for future event promotion and social media
  • Increase event relevance and reach through broadening and globalising your audience
  • Maximise your revenue potential
  • Secure webcasting with registration or password mechanisms to ensure privacy compliance and ‘authorised viewing only’ if required
  • Take charity donations in realtime and watch the tally grow, LIVE.


Video streaming is expected to account for 82% of ALL internet traffic by 2020.

Why? Because it’s what people want.

Scale events through streaming

Who’s doing it?

  • Charity Events and Fundraisers
  • Festivals and Concerts

  • Council and Community Events

  • Not for Profit Organisations

  • Conferences and Seminars

You are no longer limited to the capacity of your event space. There doesn’t have to be a cap on your earnings or a sell-out crowd. Sure you can still max out your in-person ticket sales; but there’s no need to limit your event. It can be as far and wide reaching as you want it to be.

If it’s worth shouting about…stream it!

All the social proof you need

Your fans, attendees and delegates are your greatest virtual ambassadors. Allow your digital viewers to promote and share your event with their like-minded digital circles across their social networks. Word spreads fast over social…

Let your digital viewers promote your event for you by sharing among their social networks.

Where are we streaming?

Reach remote attendees right where they are…on their media of choice.

Choose your platform, choose your audience

Stream simultaneously to your nominated websites and multiple social media outlets. Multi-bitrate streaming allows more viewers and more devices to readily access your stream across a number of digital channels.

YouTube, Facebook, event apps, and more. If it’s online, we can stream you there.


Does your event rely on ticket sales, or advertising and sponsorship?

Present your event in the digital arena and we’ll shoot for a record attendance.

Showcase. Monetise. Grow!

Pay per view streaming, ads and sponsorship options can turn your live stream into a revenue-raising powerhouse, AND gift you with a captive audience of potential supporters.

Nothing is more powerful in marketing than having the undivided attention of those interested in your content.

Explore exciting revenue opportunities for live stream campaigns.

  • Offer sponsorship packages with graphic and logo overlays on your video

  • Charge viewers a fee to virtually attend your event through a pay per view paywall

  • Charge a small fee for users to download an archived version of your event

  • Add Call to Actions and TV Commercials to your video during the live stream or post-live

  • Leverage digital channel offerings such as pre-roll ads, mid-roll ads and display and overlay ads

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Audiences love a live broadcast because it’s real. It’s the next best thing to being there, and they don’t have to miss out.

The higher the quality of videography and more personalised the experience for your remote audience – the more you can connect and engage.

“Facebook says 78% of their users are watching live stream videos, and comment 10x more during live videos.”

The Jum Media Live Stream experts will consult with you on the integrations and opportunities that will supercharge your streaming campaign.

  • Pay per view streaming, sponsorship, ads and other revenue opportunities

  • Moderated live audience interaction with chat facilities and data feeds straight from social media

  • Full HD Multi-camera shoots, including aerial drone footage

  • Integrate Powerpoint slides, video and other multimedia into your stream

  • Closed captions and subtitles

  • Harness the power of social media to reach an audience you never knew you had


Whether it’s a single camera shoot or multi-camera/multi-location extravaganza with jaw-dropping aerial drone footage, we aim (and shoot) to impress.

What makes us different?

More than videographers, we are also technicians, editors and marketers. We partner with you to realise your goals with a value-rich stream for your organisers, attendees and stakeholders.

  • Offer access to past events and presentations for on-demand viewing to supplement live broadcasting

  • Stream key parts of sold-out venues to extra viewers

  • Broadcast pre-show material to help heighten community interest

  • Create sample videos to generate interest and lead to premium content spending

  • Highlight sponsors’ products in videos or interview exhibitors’ executives

  • Repurposing of content for future events

Video on demand platforms

Your festival, fundraiser, concert or ANY event can live on as long as you wish! Evergreen and accessible via On Demand platforms for those who want experience it again – and those who missed the live action.

This is your digital community. It’s social proof…the reason why you should be funded, supported and in demand again next year.

More Exposure, More Awareness, More Revenue

How does it work?

Like clockwork

Let’s talk about bringing your vision to LIVE

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