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Event live streaming is the modern way to bring your production to new people. It’s easy and puts you on multiple worldwide channels. When you schedule streaming help from Jum Media, your event will look professional and bring in new clients and revenue.

MFA M-League Awards 2022 – Behind The Scenes

Why Choose Jum Media For Your Event Live Streaming?

Unbeatable Live Streaming Quality

Our live streaming technology and production team at Jum Media are second to none. We have full HD cameras, drone equipment for aerial footage, and world-class audio recording equipment. We also offer a fully-staffed production crew that knows how to expertly operate that equipment for the highest-quality live video possible.

However, we’ll schedule a consultation with you to thoroughly plan the event rather than freestyle shooting your virtual events. There, we’ll show you all the equipment, discuss what angles and advertising features you want, and work together on a plan to make your live video come out precisely as you envisioned.

Because of our advanced production equipment, you won’t have any limitations on what we film and when you need it streamed. We can film any virtual events, day or night, and have them looking their best throughout the livestream.

Making Profits for Your Live Events

  • Pay-Per-View Videos: Pay-per-view streaming places a paywall on your event to prevent viewers from getting access for free. With an entirely online process that keeps people off the live streaming site without the proper credentials, it’s similar to selling tickets for a concert. Making your live video a pay-per-view production is the most direct way to profit from the event.

  • Mid-Stream Promotions & Calls to Action: Our team can create effective display ads that will display during your live video with calls to action to promote your company and direct viewers to your product or site. These ads can be banners that show up during the video or traditional commercials that temporarily interrupt the livestream with your messaging.

  • Advertisements: Many companies want to advertise on live stream events because of how popular webcasting has become. Our team will connect you with the advertisers interested in your live streaming events and find a favourable partnership that fits your brand.

What to Expect When Partnering With Jum Media

Our mission at Jum Media isn’t to take over your livestream but to make your vision as the event host come to life. That’s why, before we establish a game plan, we’ll listen to what you want from your online event, answer your questions about our service or webcasting in general, and work with you to map the best ways to get your event online.

After our consultation, we’ll gather all the webcasting technology we need and begin live streaming your event. We can host virtual events on social media sites, third-party platforms, and your website. As an option after the event ends and we’ve finished streaming, our video team can edit and isolate clips from your virtual events that you can use as promotional material.

We’ll always send you the full video of your event with advertisements to use for additional promotion.

Benefits of Event Live Streaming

High Engagement

Data from Facebook’s live streaming service show that nearly 80% of the platform’s active user base watches live video content, most on mobile devices. Not only that, but those users also leave ten times as many comments as viewers of pre-recorded content do.

These facts demonstrate that people are willing to watch a livestream when they see one advertised and that they find the content far more engaging than pre-recorded events.

At Jum Media, we’ll can put your live stream video on Facebook and several other platforms with a production team that will give it the feel of a professional event.

Mainstream Appeal

Live streaming isn’t as obscure a niche as it was a decade ago, and several live event streaming sites have popped up to accommodate its popularity. Facebook, YouTube, and several dedicated event applications allow you to broadcast live video without any qualifications, and our Jum Media team can place events on all of those platforms.

Not only can our service get your live stream on every streaming site, but we’ll also make your broadcast look far more professional than anything on those platforms. If you’re hosting a business production like a product launch or seminar, our team will ensure that it has the polished appearance your company deserves.


You can live stream any event that allows filming and has space for a production team, such as:

  • Product launches

  • Seminars or a business conference

  • Concerts, dance recitals, or stage plays

  • Personal events (weddings, family reunions, parties)

  • Fundraising events

Live stream video is versatile in what you can stream, but it’s also flexible in where you can watch it. Any desktop computer or mobile device with a screen and online access will let you watch virtual events worldwide.


After the recent and ongoing health crisis of COVID-19, more people are uncomfortable or unwilling to attend in-person events. Luckily, live streaming your virtual events rather than requiring in-person attendance gives your friends and target audience a way to watch your event from the safety of their homes.

Staying away from the crowds will make your viewers more comfortable and even attract a new audience of people that wouldn’t feel safe visiting a packed venue. Therefore, you’ll bring in even more viewers than you would with just on-site attendance.

Additionally, live streaming reduces the need to travel worldwide to attend a conference or event. As a result, that lowers the overall carbon footprint of your production.

Start Streaming Your Live Event With Australia’s Best Video Streaming Team

No matter what virtual events you’re streaming, you’ll find no better team to put them on-air than Jum Media. Our expert webcasting team specializes in event live streaming and can turn yours into a professional production that will attract new clients or give your family an easy way to watch your wedding or reunion.

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