Take Your Videos to the Next Level!

At Jum Media, our Sydney-based videographers offer high quality video production services. From initial shooting to editing the video and delivering a final product, we provide a service unparalleled by any other video production company in Sydney.

Our business specializes in live event videos. Whether it’s a wedding, sporting event or conference in Sydney, our professionals know their way around the camera. Our highly professional skills expand into corporate video production.

We prioritize producing awesome videos that fully capture the brands and clients we represent.

Our Corporate Video Production Process

More than ever before, corporate businesses will now use video production to connect with potential clients, customers, and employees. In addition, with video content dominating the internet, companies need to use online videos as marketing strategies.

Our team at Jum Media handles the whole process when creating amazing videos representing your brand and appealing to the right audience.

Consultation and Shooting

Our team starts by consulting with every client to brainstorm the perfect video idea. Then, we ensure each video production accurately reflects your business, product, or service with the best quality possible.

During video production, we communicate with you every step of the way. We answer any questions or address any creative inputs a client has.

Our Editing Process

After completing filming, we start on post production. We rigorously examine video clips, integrate high-quality audio, make necessary cuts, and include creative touches like animation graphics.

We keep in contact with our clients throughout this step. Once completed, we deliver the final product for approval.

Brand Videos



Our Video Production Services

Many elements go into running a successful business. Crucial aspects include expanding brand recognition, training employees, and holding conferences and events. Luckily, our film crew provides its services for many different projects.

Product Videos

A great way to advertise your merchandise starts with creating product videos. Our team uses creative filming and editing techniques to ensure your advertisement showcases how fun or practical your product is.

We work with various budgets and adapt any video strategy to match your needs.

Brand Videos

With so many businesses in Australia, standing out remains an issue for many brands. Even when you have a unique good or service, lacking the skills to promote your brand successfully means lost revenue.

Whether impactful TV commercials or brief social media videos exploring why your brand is different, let our team help. Our filming strategy includes much more than showing up with the camera ready to shoot.

We know the power of video marketing and realize that storytelling forms an integral step. Therefore, our creative video production strategy includes providing script writing alongside video editing.

Let us promote your brand and connect you with the right audience. From expanding your current client base to tapping into other markets, Jum Media makes your video content a marketing powerhouse.

Testimonial Videos

Testimonial videos greatly help a business connect with potential clients. Having footage from a satisfied customer or client willing to speak about their experience candidly provides an honest look that other video services can’t match.

Promotional Videos

Our Sydney based video production company also produces promotional videos. Our creative video process helps businesses promote an upcoming project, event, giveaway, product, website, etc.

Watching a promotional video online gives viewers a way to interact with your business like never before. Digital media is the future, and when you get potential customers excited about a new project or product, they share it on social media, increasing business traffic.

Animation Videos

Animation or motion graphic videos are amazing corporate videos quickly becoming a staple for many businesses. A cost-effective animation explains a good or service creatively. Our video producers ensure every animation succinctly represents your business.

Training Videos

Along with shooting fun promos or producing eye-catching animation commercials, a successful business must know how to train its employees. A training video provides a perfect avenue for this. Training videos allow you to train or teach an employee specific tasks and company policies.

A training video helps employees learn or expand their skills and knowledge without relying on a supervisor. A one-time video provides excellent training material for thousands of future employees.

Our production quality ensures every training video accurately represents your company and the task performed.

Education Videos

Customers love it when a company provides stats or educational material regarding its goods or services. However, customers don’t like wading through complex graphs or reports. Education videos inform a customer without making them fall asleep.

Our production services create informative, straightforward videos that are easy to understand without being boring.

Events or Conferences

Let our production team capture and edit any event, whether a standard weekly meeting, an extensive annual conference, or a holiday office party. A company can find a corporate video covering any event helpful for many purposes.

Event videos provide a great resource for a business’s internal records. Additionally, quickly use your event video to market or promote future events, conferences, seminars, etc.

Company Profile Videos

Customers and potential employees alike feel good when they can connect with a company. Our video production services include producing company profile videos.

Company profile videos highlight a business’s culture, history, employees working there, and more. Show the world why your company sets itself apart in customer service and work environment.

Why Choose Our Video Production Company?

Whether you need a specific video project or constant online video content, our video production company delivers every time.

Every corporate video we produce in Australia or worldwide combines the best skills to represent a company, product, or service entirely. Our video content stands apart from other video production companies due to our:

  • Over 25 years of experience producing corporate videos
  • Our mastery of live streaming, video production, and videography
  • Expansive skillsets paired with the latest technology
  • Tailored corporate video production services to all your needs
  • Cost-effective pricing for many budgets
  • Always on time and on-budget
  • Transparent communication from start to finish

Our video production company is passionate about executing the perfect video. So whether you have an idea for a video in mind or want us to brainstorm, Jum Media is the name to turn to. Contact our extremely professional team today for a quick quote!