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Today’s world finds the sports media landscape constantly changing, and the way sports lovers watch all their favourite teams today differs much from how their parents did.

Currently, streaming platforms like Netflix and Amazon dominate the market. Adding to the mix includes streaming devices like Apple TV, Roku, and Chromecast.

At Jum Media, we know that real-time streaming is the future, and we believe more people should have access to this innovative technology. And now, you don’t need a massive budget or the right connections to offer sports live streaming for your sporting code, team or event.

Live Sports Streaming Services for Everyone

We have many real-time streaming packages available for fans and broadcasters alike.

Many small businesses like to invest in local sporting clubs to advertise their business and give back to the community. However, investing in a local sports club or event doesn’t always make the best business sense.

Putting together a sporting event takes a lot of time and commitment, and with our busy lives, many fans miss the chance to attend. Real-time streams give fans and community members a chance to watch a sport remotely.

Additionally, the budget for advertising consists of tracked ad metic’s versus solely getting fans to show up in person.

The Transformation of Sports Streams

In the past, major organizations like the major Australian sports, NRL, AFL, NBL, Football Australia or the Olympics, and others only had the privilege of live broadcasting sporting events. Unfortunately, obtaining the broadcast rights of certain events became a challenge.

Today’s media landscape is much different. With live streams helping schools, sporting clubs, small businesses, and more share their events across Australia and the world, real-time streaming represents the future.

Jum Media is proud to be part of this digital transformation. Our professional team of videographers armed with advanced equipment captures sports events from every impactful angle.

The Benefits of Using Jum Media

When sports live streaming with Jum Media, our service gives you access to many benefits. To begin with, we tailor each watch sports broadcast package to match all sports levels. We work with:

  • Clubs
  • Schools
  • Community sports events
  • Junior sports
  • Professional sports

Whether streaming a single soccer game or a rugby league season, our team always captures the exciting action. We stream using a single or multi-camera production or even live feed via drones. Our packages incorporate exciting features like:

  • Names
  • Scores
  • Penalties
  • Possessions
  • Overtime
  • Team lists
  • Timeouts
  • Video ads during breaks in play
  • Social polls or comments

How You Can Generate Revenue

Our services allow clubs, communities, shareholders, and others to monetize events and generate revenue. A popular method for generating revenue using our platform stems from our pay-per-view setup.

A pay-per-view setup means we place your sport behind a paywall, and fans purchase virtual tickets or vouchers to access the event.

Besides pay-per-view, user subscriptions offer another payment model. This model allows fans to watch their favourite sport streams for a set time.

Naturally, many sports fans jump at the opportunity to use a subscription-based model.


Use advertisements to promote any current or future sports events. Our advertisement options include pre- and mid-roll ads and overlay and display advertisements.

Sports In Game Advertising

Gain Sponsorships

Entice sponsors to invest in your club or community by overlaying logos and graphics onto your videos.

Calls to Action

Commercials and real-time calls to action during your event or after post-live editing demonstrate powerful marketing sources.

Our Broadcast Graphics

Our professional videographers utilize powerful graphics technology to capture every exciting highlight. In addition, our tailored service supplies all your needs, from a cost-effective single-camera sports broadcast to a multi-camera experience complete with aerial drone footage.

Our streams offer crisp video quality, so your local community and the world can stream sports with the best graphics. This superb quality generates higher revenue generation, enticing local businesses and communities to invest more and advertise.

For global audiences, better graphics means a small basketball game turns into an event with a worldwide audience willing to pay more to tune in.

Multi-Device Streaming

We live in a world where people watch Netflix on their Smart TV while scrolling through YouTube videos on their iPhones. Our services allow multi-device streaming, allowing you to tap into a broader audience that can view your events when a TV isn’t available.

Streaming Platforms Perfect for Your Events

Our stream sports services allow streaming to multiple platforms. Popular platforms include:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Jum Media Apple TV App
  • Any website, including your own

How To Live Stream Sporting Events

Whether a small basketball event or a professional championship, our real-time streaming services include four crucial steps:

1. Consultation

Before showing up with a camera and shooting, we like to schedule an initial consultation. In doing so, we tailor our services to precisely match your needs.

Besides the initial shooting and streaming of your content, our packages can include advertising and revenue generation. Want a web page to advertise your event? Our team can handle that.

2. Shooting Your Event

Our videographers capture every explosive moment in the way you need. We always guarantee quality no matter the size or scope of your event.

3. Streaming Your Event

Our service allows streaming anytime and anywhere to any audience. So our service provides ample streaming opportunities whether you broadcast on free sports streaming sites, social media, behind a paywall, on your website, etc.

4. Promoting Your Event

Unlike some of our competitors, our videography doesn’t finish once the initial broadcast ends. We can create match moments which retell crucial plays in the match.

In doing so, you gain a powerful marketing tool to promote future events.

5. Weekly Preview/Wrap show

We can help generate a hype at the start of each round by producing a weekly sports show dedicated to your audience.

Streaming Your Event With No Limits

Jum Media provides comprehensive services for different-sized markets. Our services allow you to go as professional as you want.

Have well-streamed and edited games for your Facebook page or events and increase traffic by tapping into global markets, reaching coaches, mentors, scouts, trainers, sponsors, and more.

Request a quote today and discover how Jum Media can take your sports live streaming to new heights!