Nobody has to miss the game!

Sports live streaming connects fans, competitors, sponsors and shareholders when it matters most – in real time. Just like sport, live video is genuine, authentic and real. That’s why we love it.

Whatever the level, a lot of work to goes into putting together a sporting event. With our busy modern lives and commitments often many fans are unable to attend. It can be difficult to encourage and build supporters, sponsorships and membership when people aren’t able to experience the nail-biting excitement of live sport.

Sports live streaming is accessible to everyone

Thanks to today’s technology you don’t need a State of Origin budget to live broadcast your sporting event. The benefits of streaming are helping sporting clubs, schools, communities and competitors build awareness, memberships, sponsorship, and fans all over Australia, even the world.

With our range of professional equipment our team of videographers can expertly film any sporting event from every exciting angle. Stream via single, multi-camera and even drone live video. Incorporate scores, penalties, timeouts, overtime, possessions and team lists into our production. In some cases we can even integrate time straight from the ground timekeeper.

We tailor our comprehensive services to suit all levels from; junior sports, clubs, schools, and community sporting events – right up to professional sports broadcasting.

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Sports Live Streaming Pricing and Packages

Are you interested in Live Streaming your team, club or sport?

To help simplify the process, we have created a number of sports live streaming packages for all budgets and needs.

However, if you are unsure what would best option, or are after something different to suit your needs. We are more than happy to assist by providing custom Sports Live Stream pricing. Get in contact with us today.

How does it work?

Got game? Stream it!

ANY sport! You name it, we’ll live stream it.
We’re sports crazy too.

Sydney Swans Academy / Cluch TV

When Sydney Swans Academy were hosting two academy matches in Wollongong. Their media provider engaged Jum Media to provide the coverage for both matches.

Using a single camera live stream coupled with our broadcast quality graphics. The matches were streamed live via the Jum Media website, YouTube and Facebook to coaches, scouts and recruitment managers across the country.

Dur to our unique live stream system, the footage was able to be provided digitally to Sydney Swans within an hour of the final siren for coaches and scouts to assist in selecting players for the upcoming AFL season.

Share your sport with anyone, anywhere in real time

How pro would you like to go?

Include commentators, hosts, ground announcers and sideline reporters into your stream.

Crowd and player interviews, instant replays… So that if you are unable to be there to feel the electricity and atmosphere of the sport live; we can provide an experience that is as close as it gets.

Showcase the talent of your competitors to a wider audience. Reach and attract scouts, trainers, coaches and mentors. The possibilities are endless when you don’t limit your audience.

Stream to multiple Sources

  • YouTube

  • Facebook

  • Twitter

  • Your Website

  • ANY Website

  • Name your digital Platform

Optional features

  • Host a weekend preview show

  • Create interactive polls

  • Include live “call to actions’

  • Live chat, SMS and comment facilities

  • Moderated Live interaction

  • Post-live editing for marketing purposes

Explore revenue opportunities for your campaign

$$ We can help you monetise your sports live stream.