Wouldn’t it be perfect if everyone you love could attend your wedding?


With professional videography and wedding live streaming technology, they can.

Capture your special day in perfect quality, and share the moment with anyone, anywhere. Wedding live streaming is exploding in popularity for a very good reason; it’s an affordable, beautiful solution for those with special guests that are not able to attend.


When it’s something special…stream it

With Jum Media on your team, remote attendees can experience your wedding in real time, and interact, as if they were there.


  • Stream to any digital platform;YouTube, Facebook, Twitter or your own webpage.
  • Share your big day with the world, or password protect your live stream.
  • Live interaction with data feeds straight from social media or SMS and live chat integration
  • Post-live editing options for the perfect video memory

Don’t wait months to be able to relive your ceremony, you get a copy on your wedding day.

Choose your platform, choose your audience. It’s your day.

How does it work?


Our wedding live streaming services do not begin or end with a shoot



We don’t just turn up with a camera. We tailor your videography and webcast with several integration and post-edit options to really personalise your video. Would you like a dedicated web page designed for your stream? Our creative team can do that too.


Our first class videographers capture every amazing angle, and special moment exactly how you imagine . Whether you’re compiling an affordable single camera stream, or an elaborate multi-camera stream with live aerial drone videography, quality is guaranteed.


Steam your video live from anywhere, to an audience of your choice. Be it social media, embedded on your website, or streamed to a global audience on your own platform. We offer custom solutions to suit all budgets. Interact with your attendees with real-time social media data feeds, SMS, and live chat facilities, you name it; we create it.


Our videography services don’t end with the live stream. We edit, polish, and perfect your video. You will have a beautiful memento of your big day. Add elements such as graphic overlays and music to your post-live video. You have the vision; we are the storytellers that make ideas happen.

Get in touch for a personalised quote. We can’t wait to hear your plans.