Data driven graphics enable live broadcast real time data feeds and media assets for broadcast news and sport. This real-time data can include match statistics, financial market data, real time election vote counts, charity donation tallies and more.

Remote Sporting Live Stats

Our robust data platform can capture valuable in-game insights such as scores, player statistics, goals, team standings and leaderboards. We integrate scoreboards and other data feeds straight into our graphic system.

Sports fans of all ages love game and player statistics, especially in real time.

Data Driven Graphics are a Game-Changer

How does it work?

Modular software will capture real-time data feeds from official databases, so that data like scores and statistics are updated live seamlessly. It will dynamically populate the data in a suitable graphics templates for attractive real-time broadcast.

Data Module Examples :

Sports – Individual modules specifically designed for the analysis and coverage of major sports.
Finance – Real time financial market data
Election – Polls and election voting data in real time
News & Social Media – Media rich content from multiple service providers
Weather – Temperature, forecasts and observations from BOM data
Charity Events – Live donation tally to inspire your audience and encourage participation

Live Stream Sports Scoreboards

Enhance your live sporting event with a professional scoreboard display overlaid on your live broadcast. Sports fans will quickly lose interest if they can’t keep score. Integrate the match scoreboard software with our cutting edge technology for automatically updated scores in real time. Manual score updates are an alternative if ground scoreboard integration is not possible.

Live Stream Sports Statistics

Take your in-game analysis to the next level with data driven statistics from your preferred sports statistics provider. No matter what sport, if you are already using a statistic provider, it’s likely we can integrate.

We natively integrate with the following:

  • Sportsradar
  • Genius Sports
  • Opta
  • Champion Data
  • Interact Sport

Custom build integration into a number of other data systems including timing and position data systems to support race events like triathlons, running and swimming events and motorsports.

If it matters to your audience it matters to us