Capture Professional Aerial Photography and Videography

Jum Media is your source for professional drone aerial photography and videography of your business, sporting or live events. Our combination of technical skill and expert post-production helps us deliver immaculate drone aerial shots and videography at an affordable price.

Night Aerial Filming and Drone Photography

Do you need panoramic shots of your night-time events? Jum Media has got you covered. We are approved by the Civil Aviation and Safety Authority (CASA) for night drone flights all across Australia. Only approved operators can fly legally at night, so we can capture night aerial footage of large cities, sporting and live events, firework displays, and more.

Property Tours and Drone Flyovers

We use state-of-the-art Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) to breathtakingly showcase your property. From nature reserves to inner-city real estate and school and university campuses, our high-end Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) help us snap or record every moment of the proceedings.

UAV Aerial Coverage for Sporting and Live Events

Whether you need high-quality drone aerial photography or cinematography of your live events, film, emergency response, livestock monitoring, asset inspections, or a day of sports, we deliver professional drone aerial services to meet your most demanding production goals – quickly and efficiently.

Top -Quality Aerial Photography and Videos

At Jum Media, we pride ourselves in producing superior video and image quality with exceptional timeliness and professionalism. We believe that by providing imaginative, inspiring, and efficient drone aerial photography and videography products, we can help you raise your voice and soar to new heights.

Our Drone Aerial Photography and Videography Services

  • Commercial and Residential Aerial Photography and Videography

  • High-End Real Estate Marketing

  • Drone Coverage for Sporting and Live Events

  • Emergency Response

  • Livestock Monitoring

  • Golf Flyovers

  • Aerial Drone Asset Inspection

Why Choose Jum Media?

We strive to provide quality Drone Aerial Photography and Videography services and partner with our clients to achieve this common goal. Our cost-effective UAV packages enable you to obtain excellent drone aerial cinematography and aerial photography of your live events, sports, or social gatherings.

  • Certification and Insurance: As specialists in aerial photography and videography using drones, we hold an Air Operator’s Certificate (AOC) that is approved by the Civil Aviation and Safety Authority (CASA). This certificate permits us to fly commercially anywhere across Australia. We also carry an extensive liability insurance policy.

  • Approved for Night Drone Flights: We are approved by CASA for night drone operations all across Australia.

  • Highly Experienced Pilots: Our CASA-certified pilots are versed in operating even the most current RPAS. Their extensive experience, together with their broad knowledge of UAV-based aerial videography and photography, enable them to take on complex flight paths with high precision, producing some of the most spectacular drone aerial photography and cinematography in a global span.

  • Modern, High-End Equipment: Our drones allow us to capture high-resolution aerial imagery and videos, withstanding winds of up to 30 km/h with smooth and precise operation even in the harshest weather conditions.

  • Safety and Reliability: At Jum Media, we have a strict focus on safety and security. Our UAVs are fully equipped with the latest safety features for seamless operation on even the most challenging aerial and ground missions. This way, we are always ready and able to take on any flight.

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