A billion hours of video are watched every day across Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter.

Social media live streaming and social integrations can literally explode your reach. It is getting more challenging to get your organic social media efforts found in follower’s feeds. For your content to win, it is literally a popularity contest. Real-time video is a social media lover’s greatest weakness.

Make a splash where your ideal audience loves to spend their time, and deliver the live content that they can’t resist.

Who can benefit from Social Media Live Streams

Social Streaming For Business

Brand storytelling at its best. Showcase your business by engaging with your followers in real time. Transform customers into loyal ambassadors with interactive and engaging content. Live product demonstrations, live polls, live Q&A, or a little behind the scenes exclusive inside information. Have fun with it, and maximise your return on investment.

Live Stream Sporting Events

Showcase your team’s talent to a remote audience and encourage viewer interaction via the platforms they most enjoy. The better the engagement and reaction, the more your sporting event trends, ranks higher and reaches more people. Integrate a live poll or MVPs – most valuable players of games live vote, quiz or social comment feeds.

Involve your fans and reap the rewards.

Live Stream Conference Seminar Keynotes, Q&A’s and Townhall Meetings

Give your valuable event and talented speakers a broader reach. Leverage your event hashtag and enable your audience to spread the word nationally, even globally. The Jum Media technical team can incorporate live comment feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube into a custom branded graphics solution. If your subject may be controversial, we can provide a filter and moderation stream for quality control purposes. Amplify the conversation…create a buzz.

Not For Profit and Charity Events

Integrate a live donation tally to inspire your audience and encourage participation. Encourage your audience to share their stories. Keep the conversation going after the broadcast. Your live content can be extremely effective and valuable to your organisation long after the live event.

Why live stream to social vs video on demand?

Live video with integrations attracts and receives deeper engagement, and more reactions. increased likes, comments, shares, and meaningful conversation means your content is more likely to be shown in feeds. Facebook for example uses a machine learning algorithm to determine which content should be displayed in a user’s feed.

Facebook’s News Feed Algorithm takes over 100,000 factors into account to decide when and where to show your content…if at all.

In 2018 Facebook announced changes in the Facebook algorithm will result in less public content like posts from businesses brands and media. They wish to encourage meaningful interactions between people.

Meaningful interactions are considered active reactions and interactions – like commenting and sharing rather than likes and click-throughs. “Haha, wow, sad and angry” are considered active reactions. Active discussion on a post or stream is heavily favoured by the algorithm.

In his 2018 announcement Mark Zuckerberg wrote:

“Live videos often lead to discussion among viewers on Facebook – In fact, live videos on average get six times as many interactions as regular videos.”