As with every digital campaign or production, data is everything.

The provision of live stream analytics help enable us to get a clear picture of your live broadcast’s performance. We offer detailed post-event reporting and data. Track your return on investment effortlessly, and ensure growing success for future projects.

We provide the figures approximately two weeks post-event, which can assist in fine-tuning targeting and goals for maximum live stream success.

What does your live stream data report include?

  • Status report: We outline the services undertaken, report on connection quality and any technical issues that may have arisen

  • Social Media and Google Analytic metrics are provided outlining tracked viewership across your website, Facebook, YouTube and your chosen platforms
  • Your report includes total reach, watch time, peak viewership, demographics and location data

We can track single day or live event views. We can also track 7 day video on demand views. The viewer numbers that your recorded live stream has the potential to attract can be significantly high. This has your audience looking forward to your next event. Your loyal fans are building.

Powerful data for sporting events

Just as you analyse a game to improve future performance, we do so with digital data.

The end goal after all is to increase your overall reach, fan base and viewership. Data can be tracked for multiple sporting events across a season, or overtime. Through live stream analytics we can see how viewership and interactions increase, and on which platform/s it is most successful.

When you’re streaming regularly you will increase your viewership, that has been proven. Overall, your audience will expand, and so too can your sponsorship and membership growth opportunities.

That is why big data is so important.