The benefits of live streaming enables this new mode of live communication to connect people in real time, on any digital platform, anywhere in the world. While many industries are only beginning to experiment with live video streaming, the benefits are making a significant impact.

Live video broadcasting was once considered exclusive to the large pockets of media corporations. In recent years, live video streaming has exploded into the digital space thanks to advanced technology, and the marketing and social media giants who recognised the opportunities webcasting presents to businesses and consumers. Live video streaming is now available everyone.

Benefits of live streaming for business

Australian businesses are just scratching the surface of the benefits of live streaming. Increase brand exposure, promote to a broader market. Engage with consumers on a personal level.

  • Real Estate Auctions

  • Red carpets and premiers

  • Grand openings and product launches

  • Company announcements

  • Live stream tutorials and helpful expertise

  • Product demonstrations

  • ‘Behind-the-scenes’ footage

  • Sales and giveaways

Video media has become a key strategy for all businesses and marketers. Capture consumer attention in real time. It doesn’t get any more current than live.

Leverage micropayments, mid-roll video ads, and direct payments from social platforms to monetise live video streaming.

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Corporate Live video streaming

Benefits of live streaming Conferences and seminars

Extend your reach to a global audience who are no longer prohibited by distance, time or cost.

  • Live stream your conference or seminar to a wider market

  • Event attendance is not limited to the size of your venue

  • Utilise a pay-per-view pay wall on your live webcast to monetise your event

  • Leverage several options to increase audience engagement, through real time chat facilities and social media interaction

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Sporting and Community organisations and Not-for-Profits

Are you struggling to reach a quorum for your Annual General Meetings? Do you need to reach a broader live audience for your fundraising events? Live streaming has become an important tool for many community organisations and not-for-profits.

  • Sporting and Social Clubs

  • Annual General Meetings

  • Charity and fundraising events

  • Church services

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Wedding live streaming and private events

Have you chosen a destination wedding, or are there friends and family who just can’t make it? Live streaming is perfect for a number of private events to ensure everyone can attend, and experience your event live, as if they were there.

  • Weddings and Engagement Parties

  • Birthdays, anniversaries and significant family events

  • Live stream funeral services

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Live stream meetings and presentations

Invite everyone into the boardroom, wherever they may be.

  • Live stream your video conference calls, meetings and presentations

  • Reach stakeholders and board members worldwide in real time

  • Secure your webcast with password protection

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There is a buzz around live stream video. Give your content urgency, present it to a wider audience, stand out from the crowd, and elevate online interaction. Investigate opportunities for new revenue and improved communication.

Modern day “face-to-face” live communication is here; let’s discuss how it can help you.

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