Are you ready to go live? You should be


Live video streaming is enabling brands, corporates, private events and not-for-profits to communicate in real time with their audience, wherever they may be. It’s fun, it’s engaging, and it’s working.

Live webcasting is now an important focus, and cost effective tool in every marketer’s strategy. It’s a technology that is now available to everyone, not just the media giants.

Live video streaming is genuine, authentic and real. That is why it’s so well received.

of people

Admit they would rather watch a live stream from a brand they follow than read their blog

more shares

Video receives 1200% more shares on social media than text or image posts combined

of audiences

Say they would pay for live, exclusive, on-demand video from a favourite team, speaker or performer

If you’re going to do it, do it well.


In a Livestream and New York Magazine survey, 67% of viewers stated video quality is the most important factor when watching a live stream broadcast. When you’re ready to reach a potentially global audience live, you need to ensure your video is the quality they deserve. That’s where we come in.


Live video streaming services


Our professional team are not just videographers, we’re also marketers. Not only can we capture your content perfectly, we provide a range of supportive live stream services to help you get the most out of your dive into live.


Tailored video streaming services

  • Stream to multiple sources, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter; name your digital platform.
  • Moderated live interaction with data feeds straight from social media
  • SMS and live chat integration into your live stream
  • Graphic overlays and media playback
  • Pay per view streaming, ads and sponsorship services to monetise your stream.

Our video streaming services don’t begin or end with a shoot



We don’t just turn up with a camera, we’ll help you maximise the success of your live stream promotion with several integration and post edit options, tailored to your stream, and your objectives. That’s how we know we’re aiming our cameras at your success.


Our first class videographers capture every amazing angle, exactly how you intend it to be presented. Whether you’re compiling an affordable single camera stream, or multi-camera show with live aerial drone video, quality is guaranteed.


Steam your video live from anywhere, to the audience of your choice. Be it social media, embedded on your website, or streamed to a global audience on your own platform, we offer custom solutions to suit all budgets. Pay per view, real-time social media data feeds, SMS and live chat facilities, you name it.


Our videography services don’t end with the live broadcast. We can polish your content and edit your clip to aid future campaigns, or simply to provide a beautiful memento of your event. Create a post-live video complete with graphic overlays, Call To Action’s and TV Commercial’s . The potential is limitless.

Who is benefitting from live video streaming?


Live webcasting is proving rewarding for a broad range of personal and professional industries. In Australia, we’re only really scratching the surface of the benefits of live video streaming. If you act quickly, you have every chance of being a pioneer in your industry.

Corporate live streaming

From red carpets to media calls, to conferences and seminars, Share your event live with anyone, anywhere. Venue, distance and cost, are no longer hurdles to your success. Monetise your event through a pay per view pay wall system.

Ensure stakeholders, clients and committees can join you in the boardroom, wherever they may be with a password protected live stream meeting.

Wedding live streaming

It’s the biggest day of your life, and no one wants to miss it.
Have you chosen a destination wedding? Do you have friends and relatives interstate or overseas?
Are there elderly loved ones who just can’t make it?

Through wedding live streaming, family and friends can experience your big day live, as if they were there, and you have a perfectly captured memento.

Live stream Events

We can’t list them all.

If you’re hosting an event that will interest remote viewers, you are the perfect candidate for live streaming videography. Your audience is no longer limited to the size of your venue.

Monetise, password protect or share free of charge to your chosen platform. The choice is yours, we make it happen.

Live streaming for business

Every brand can engage live with their audience for a fraction of the cost of TV broadcasting.

Stream tutorials, grand openings and product launches. Share announcements, demonstrations, sales and giveaways.

Captivate your consumers, and deliver your content in real time via the world’s most popular medium.

Get creative with your live streaming and prove you’re a leader in your industry.

Live Stream Private Events

In today’s busy world it can be difficult to juggle the schedule and make it to private events.

Whether it’s a little family member’s first birthday, a diamond anniversary, or a loved one’s funeral service, you can now affordably share private events live with those that can’t attend in person.

Password protect your live stream, and create a post-live edited video keepsake that can be shared for many years to come.

Live video for not-for-profits

Community groups, Sports and social clubs, charities and churches; you can extend your reach to like-minded people far beyond your locality.

Elevate the success of fundraising events and boost brand or cause awareness.

Live video can increase memberships or donations, and enable people to support your cause in real time, as if they were there, from wherever they may be.