Get ahead of the game with instant replay during your live stream sporting events.
Today’s live sport is faster than ever before. The luxury of instant replay in sports is something fans have come to expect as standard.

Enhance the live stream experience with quality dramatic slow motion and replay effects worthy of high-level network broadcast. We can instant replay all the game’s biggest thrills, spills and explosive sporting talent in real-time to your audience, wherever they are in the world.

They are sure to get a real kick out of it.

Live Stream Replay Production

Big fan experience technology at its best…

Build engagement, audience reactions and get more fans, both existing and new, commenting on your live streams. Whether controversial or pure entertainment, replays can increase the publicity of your sporting events 10 times over.

  • HD Slow Motion Replay
  • Replay Freeze Frames
  • Multi-angle Replays
  • Instant Replay Effects
  • Inspiring Highlight Reels
  • Sponsor overlays and Mentions

  • Monitor to Check Ref Decisions
  • Commentator screen to view everything going live
  • Instant Replay Recording with Commentator and/or Field Audio

The Instant Replay A-Team

Instant replay production in live sport can be a high-speed challenge. Our eyes-on live sports videography crew are equipped with the latest video replay software and high tech equipment to ensure your fans won’t miss a thing.

Let’s watch that again…

Additional Benefits of Instant Replay

The Jum Marketing marketing, production and editing team apply years of expertise to naturally help you extract the most value and revenue out of your live stream efforts.

Where can we most capitalise on your quality content?

We’ll uncover the angles that will help you gain maximum exposure and return, long after the live shoot wrap.

Team and future game promotion

“Amazing match memories make extraordinary content”

Repurpose, reuse and remarket your replay content for team/player promotion and future games. Keep the game alive. Your match highlight reel is one of the most compelling forms of promotion to attract and retain sponsors and fans.

More exposure for sponsors

“This instant replay was brought to you by…”

Game sponsor logos jerseys and signs are easier to absorb in slow motion. Include sponsor messages in your highlight reels, on social media and digital promotions. The more they see themselves represented, the greater value there is in their investment.

The Jum Media team are dedicated to helping you get the most out of your replay and highlight footage. We can have your live stream video scoring wins for you long after the siren.