Live Streaming Video for Churches and Places of Worship to increase viewership and attendance

We are blessed to live in a beautiful nation that is welcoming to all! Across Australia, we are lucky to have 120 diverse religions and more than 30,000 religious venues. Worship services bring communities closer and live streaming church cameras enable these services to reach people like they never have before.

Unfortunately, over the past 10 years, there has been a rapid decline across the world in people attending their local place of worship. Illness, location restriction and time-poor are some of the many reasons for the rapid declines. Jum Media focus on helping your religious organisation to deliver worship service to people whom for one reason or another are unable to attend. We work closely with you to modernise your service offering in an interactive and engaging way.

Building A Closer Community

Through the inclusion of live broadcasting, your organisation can interact real-time with the congregation through our social media integration services. This greatly impacts the lives of people who are elderly, unwell or anyone that is unable to attend their local congregation. Whether they want to sit back and enjoy the beautiful sounds of the choir, or they want to interact and ask questions about the services, our live streaming broadcast brings forth a sense of connectedness to the congregation and the local community.

Religious Affirmation Anytime, Anywhere

Most religions have a day of worship, and this tradition has been around for hundreds (if not thousands) of years. Sundays were once a day of quiet, where families would join together for worship, food and great conversations. Fast forward to today, many people are required to work Sundays while others use this as a catch-up day for errands. Live Stream Broadcasts can be made available for busy people to watch it on demand when they need it the most. This is a great way to connect with everyone in the local community, to allow them the opportunity to be apart of the congregation once again.

Donation Collection Has Never Been Easier

Australia is moving closer and closer to being a cashless society. As a congregation, how are you keeping up with this shift away from cash? At Jum Media, we have made it possible for everyone watching on your live stream to continue to make a donation regardless of where they are and via their preferred payment method.

While some like to keep the fundraising details private, studies have shown that including a money tally increases donations by 56%. As you know too well, the more donations coming in allows for better investment in the future of your organisation.

Interactive Worship

The Jum Media customisable live church broadcast allows your congregation to experience interactive worship that has not been available to them before. Consider for a moment those that make your congregation what it is. It may be made up of a diverse range of people from all around the world, and English might not be their first language. We are able to provide translated subtitles allowing your sermon to reach your audience and be understood in a meaningful way. Live broadcasting the scriptures and hymn lyrics allow a deeper connection to the words spoken meaning a feeling of inclusion to all those involved, regardless of time, distance and circumstances.

Jum Media have multiple messaging inclusions that can be customised to best suit your congregation.

Jum Media Customised Service Offering

We offer multiple church camera options to suit all budgets:

  • Single Camera
  • Multi-Camera
  • Remote Camera Live Screens

Our graphic services team work closely with you to customise the live graphics to include; customised messaging, hymn lyrics, scriptures and language translations for Multi-Faith Churches and many more.

Our detailed reporting allows you to provide services to better suit your congregation. At the end of each broadcast, we provide you with detailed insight into how many people watched, viewer location, time spent watching and many more.

Jum Media offers competitively priced live streaming solutions, allowing even the smallest congregations to broadcast their services to a wider audience.

Our dedicated team of experts work closely with your religious organisation to find the right package to better engage your congregation. Contact us today for a free consultation and quote.