Commentary in live sport is as much a part of the game as the match itself. Enhance the viewer experience by adding announcer audio to your live stream.

Our sporting event production ensures flawless audio and low latency every time. Professional sports commentators have a knack for creating hype and atmosphere before, during and after the game. We have a knack of making it all run smoothly.

Live Commentary Set Up

Whether a stadium produced event with all the mod-cons, or remote production, we’ll package the ideal set-up for your event.

What we provide:

  • Professional sports announcing control box
  • Professional top of the range headsets
  • High end on/off mics with cough switch/mute button
  • Provide talkback facilities to the director…

We make it happen with zero disruption to the live stream, the production, or the audio experience for listeners.

Why Live Stream Viewers Love Commentary

Commentators are sport’s best friend

  • Gift audiences with player and game knowledge, history and interesting statistics
  • Keep viewers entertained and informed during the match
  • Fill in the time between plays with interesting information and content
  • Represent game sponsors and conduct interviews
  • Introduce special live, and upcoming events

A sporting match without commentary can feel like it’s ‘missing something’.

Sports Presenters Can Help You Level Up Your Stream

Commentators are instrumental in ensuring sponsors of your game or event are well represented. With a pre-scheduled agenda, they can participate in several live interactions with your audience.

  • Live polls – Allow your viewers to voice their opinion and cast their vote
  • Live chat – Start a discussion with live chat integration
  • Live Community – Include moderated live interactions with data feeds straight from social media

Technology has come so far. We’re limited only by our imagination when it comes to maximising live streaming opportunities.

Get the most out of your dive into live.