Live streaming is taking over the world and is easily accessible through the devices that we all own and use on a daily basis. The incredible benefits of live streaming are obvious for opportunities in business and personal events such as weddings and funerals; but it is as crystal clear for ticketed events such as conferences, concerts and live sporting matches? A common question asked when first entering the realm of live streaming is, whether it will jeopardise the in-person attendance numbers if people can watch the stream from the comfort of their home? research shows that 67% of live video viewers are more likely to buy a ticket to a concert or event after watching a live video of that event, or one that is similar. Why not use your live stream video in future marketing campaigns to promote your next live event. Show consumers what they missed out on.

Lets use TED Talks as an example. The concept around TED conferences in the 1990’s was “Ideas Worth Spreading.” Beginning as a yearly technology, education and design conference, the event topics were considered to be quite niche. Organisers began recording and streaming the talks online in 2006. This took the event to a global stage and engaged a huge new audience outside of their original target. Today, the TED YouTube channels has over 12.5 million subscribers.

As of June 2018; live TED Talks have had over 1 Billion views on YouTube an impressive daily average views of 698,466 and a yearly projection of 251.4M views


Did you know?

Did you know?

Viewers spend 8 x Longer watching live video than on-demand
67% of live video viewers are more likely to buy a ticket to a concert or event after watching a live video of that event
92% of mobile video consumers have a tendency to share videos with others

According to Digitell,

“30% of people who watch a livestream of an event will attend the same event in person the following year.”

Large events like Coachella have seen this in action.

In 2011, it took Coachella 3 days to sell out their festival. They live streamed this event through YouTube.

The following year – 2012 they sold out within three hours. Powerful.

“One Love Manchester” the benefit gig which was held to raise money for the victims of the terror attack at Ariana Grande’s May 22 concert.

The concert was a smash hit on the BBC’s iPlayer online platform, which registered more than 1 million requests to live-stream it. That makes “One Love Manchester” the biggest non-sports program in iPlayer’s history, surpassing the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics.

The event was simulcast on Facebook Live, Twitter and YouTube, within its first seven days on Facebook, the video garnered over 81 million views, with over 2.6 million reactions.

Of course every sporting event is unique, therefore each live stream is unique. We help you plan a campaign that will best meet your objectives.

Ariana Grande – One Last Time (One Love Manchester Live)

(21M Views and Counting)

Observe audience behaviour and trends

People of all ages are watching and creating live stream content.

As of Jan 2017, 53% of 13-17yr olds, 63% of 18-34 yr olds, 32% of 35-54 yr olds and 12% of 55+ survey participants are watching live streamed content regularly. In fact 82% of viewers prefer live video to social media posts and 80% prefer live video to reading a blog.

Live streaming is on the rise. Digital marketing guru Neil Patel told us in 2016 that the live streaming market was already a $30 billion industry. By 2021 it is expected to more than double in growth to a $70+ billion industry.

Increase social shares and digital mentions

People love to be engaged in real time online. If they can comment, like, love, share and interact, they’re likely to attract their friends to the excitement of the event. Digital word of mouth spreads fast. Live video on social media produces 12 x more shares than text and images combined! That’s 1,200% more! There are staggering numbers of humans regularly watching live video on social media.

It’s customisable. Tailor your stream to your event

Live streaming isn’t going anywhere just like shopping online is here to stay.. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to a successful live stream. It’s about choosing the right platform/s and ensuring your campaign works in harmony – not in competition with your live-attendance marketing efforts. With the right team behind the cameras, you can get live and virtual ‘bums on seats’ to grow your event in person, and live online, with astounding results.