What if we lose connection live? This is every live streamer’s worst nightmare, particularly when it comes to major live events and remote broadcasting.

The Jum Media technical team have you covered with cellular network bonded streaming. Utilising mobile coverage, internet and WIFI, we bond multiple connections together for a higher quality production and completely redundant stream, void of any single point of failure.

We keep your connectivity aLIVE

  • Bonded streaming of up to four network connections
  • 2 x Mobile data + 1 x Ethernet + 1 x Wifi
  • Ensure a perfect continuity of stream
  • Increase dependability, bandwidth and quality
  • Reduce the cost of live video distribution

Cellular networks have improved dramatically over recent years with the introduction of 4G and 5G advancements. Better coverage equals top confidence in delivering high quality sports, news and other remote event coverage.

Redundancy Fail Safe

We run a content delivery network which features a live stream failsafe. If in the unlikely event that the stream feed does cut, it goes into a holding image, so that it never actually fails.

With Jum Media on your team, you can expect rock-solid connection stability – an unbreakable bond.