Increase your donations with customised live-streamed fundraising events

Have you been looking for ideas to take your charity fundraising to the next level? Jum Media live streaming services may be your perfect solution for increased donations.

Jum Media live streaming offers charities and not-for-profit organisations an engaging, rewarding and exciting broadcasting service that can easily be integrated into your next fundraising event. Our live streaming offering can be customised to suit your targeted audience with full social media integration to engage and attract new donations.

Charity and Not for Profit Live Streams

How can live streaming charity events help your organisation?

  • Live Stream Broadcasting increases the potential to grow your network of supporters and reach a broader audience

  • Social commenting and open discussions create a lasting impression which increases overall retention rates
  • Donors feel a sense of pride when they see their donation on screen, in real time, contributing to the charity’s total goal which encourages other generous viewers to donate

The Popular Way To Donate

In a few short years, social media has changed mass broadcast, for the better. It is truly an amazing platform for any not-for-profit organisations to have their voices heard. Millennials are extremely active on their mobile phones and respond best to text message and social media, but rarely check email or answer calls. Which is why savvy organisations put a large amount of their marketing budget into these platforms each year. Imagine the potential of reaching limitless numbers of donors who show interest in your cause!

Let’s look at Facebook. More than 60% of Facebook users contribute and take part in donating. The reason? It is super easy for anyone to be involved and with proven skills of emotional persuasion, the cause begins to go viral. Jum Media work closely with charities and not-for-profit organisations to create unique fundraising broadcasts to better engage the people of Australia.

Drive Donations Through Awareness

Studies have shown that 82% of people would make a purchase if recommended by a friend or family member. Marketers call this social proofing, we call it social for good. The inclusion of our donations tally graphics throughout the live stream charity event have proven to increase donations by up to 40%.

It’s no secret that The Good Friday Appeal is one of Australia’s most successful live stream charity broadcasts. The inclusion of their audience and live tallies not only engages their viewers but provides this sense of social proofing, which is vital to their donation success.

Jum Media live streaming has integrations to host external video. You have the ability to give your cause the klout it deserves by bringing celebrities, keynote speakers and entertaining hosts into the live feed. For smaller local charities, you can use the external video hosting to connect with donors in real-time for interviews. Hearing real stories about the passion behind their donation is a great way to connect with your audience to further drive awareness and reach donation goals.

Engagement Through Detailed Analytics

Our main focus for the broadcasts is creating better viewer engagement through the use of key messaging, interactive experiences and social media. Jum Media take a data-driven approach to see our partners succeed. We put a heavy emphasis on the analytics, to further assist our clients in the long term to further optimise their broadcast.

Key Analytical Data includes; peak live viewers, time watched, engagement rate, demographics and many more.

Through these vital analytics, we begin understanding the organisations’ audience and how they interact with the live stream broadcast events. This allows Jum Media to further tailor solutions to assist in increasing viewership and donations for years to come.

Customised Solutions for Everyone

We don’t sell services, we partner with organisations. We are with you for the journey, ensuring you receive outstanding results for your campaign. Our dedicated team will closely discuss all the potential options through a detailed consultation.

Through this consultation period, we will discuss our tailor packages to suit your budget. Jum Media host a range of camera services (Single-Camera, Multi-Camera & Remote Camera Live Screens) to suit all types of charity events.

Our expert videographers and graphic designers can bring your live stream to life with the many integration solutions we have on hand.

Find out how Jum Media can help you reach your organisational fundraising goals today.