Despite how things in the world may appear, it’s not all bad if you’re trying to arrange an event right now. Many people are moving their events online and live streaming the content to their audience, regardless of how many beautiful places there are for live streaming. This removes the need to collect all of your guests in one place.

If you’re considering doing this, here are important things to keep in mind to ensure a successful live stream.

Access to the Internet

Regardless of how obvious it may seem, make sure your internet access is powerful enough. The worst-case scenario would be for them to miss some of the information you’re attempting to convey when watching presentations or videos due to a stuttering connection.

Instead of using wireless, it is preferable to be plugged into a wired connection because it offers more assurance and is less likely to experience connection problems. Because not every location will have suitable internet, it is usually a good idea to verify with the venue.

Jum Media have offer a professional solution. Utilising our bonded network connectivity we combine to signal of up to 4 internet connections to boost quality and ensure redundancy. We also carry a range of short and long range antenna which allow us to receive internet from mobile towers located kilometres away.

Audio Considerations

Your audience deserves high-quality audio because it’s likely that you have a lot of crucial information to convey and perhaps some excellent speakers at your event. You may prevent any delay or out-of-sync issues by ensuring that the microphones are running straight into your cameras.

Additionally, it’s critical to confirm that your speaker is properly mic’ed; relying solely on the camera’s built-in microphone won’t do. Make sure a mic is placed close to the speaker or that a lavaliere microphone is attached to them.


Consider the best streaming platform for your event. For instance, Facebook would make a nice platform if you’re hoping for a large turnout for a public event.

As an alternative, you can give out private Youtube links just to a chosen set of people if you want to be able to restrict access and only provide the link to specific people. For increased security, you might also have a password-protected stream.

At Jum Media we also run a custom platform which allows us to stream highest quality broadcasts to any mobile connected device as well as our Apple TV app. We can also create password or geo location restricted streams. Our platform also allows us to monetise your stream by creating pay per view or subscription events.

Event Promotion

It’s useless to start an event without informing anyone beforehand. This is an excellent approach to make sure no one will see your live stream.

We can create the event using the Jum Media platform well before the launch so that everyone can watch it taking place and mark the date in their calendar.

You should immediately inform everyone. Sending out emails to prospective attendees, announcing the event on social media, and putting it on your website are all excellent ways to get the word out.

These are excellent strategies for attracting attendees to the event and ensuring high levels of participation.

Engagement Strategies

Make sure viewers who are watching the live stream may participate. This might be done by dialling in, leaving comments on the live stream, or even using a Twitter hashtag.

All this must be decided in advance and will rely on your chosen streaming platform. The chat box is a terrific place to generate some really great engagement if you’re streaming on the Jum Media platform.

You can also provide a link to the stream on Facebook and YouTube and invite users to send questions by including a certain hashtag in their tweets or by commenting on your posts directly. In some cases we are even able to ingest these comments into the live stream as graphic elements.


Following up with your viewers after your live stream has concluded is a great touch. Tell them that you value their time and invite them to download some useful information. Also, let them know when your next event is.

Keep up the momentum and nurture those prospects if you’ve used your live stream to create leads.