We understand the importance of audience engagement and Q&A during a live stream, and we have several options to facilitate this for your conference.

For virtual events, we can provide a chat feature or Q&A panel that allows attendees to submit questions and interact with the speakers in real-time. We can also use third-party tools like Slido, Mentimeter or any other platform as per the client’s requirement.

For hybrid events, we can provide a dedicated chat feature for virtual attendees to submit questions, and a microphone and speaker system for in-person attendees to ask questions live.

We can also provide AV systems, including TV screens and speakers, to enhance the overall viewing experience for your attendees. These options allow in room and virtual attendees to have the feeling of being together in the conference room and to fully engage with the conference event.

Our team will work with you to assess your specific needs and recommend the most appropriate engagement and Q&A options for your conference.