For destination weddings and elopements, live streaming has always been a helpful tool to reach a wider audience. In COVID times, these virtual broadcasts have become more popular than ever!

Even during a worldwide epidemic, live streaming your wedding is the ideal way to ensure that no one misses out on your nuptials, whether you’re having a small gathering or have loved ones who reside overseas.

Read on as we explain everything you need to know about live streaming your wedding.

How Does It Work?

To put it simply, a live stream is a video clip that is simultaneously shot and transmitted online in real-time. Your loved ones will effectively be virtual wedding guests if you live stream your wedding since they will be able to witness your special day from their homes utilising digital devices.

You may also live stream other parts of your wedding day, such as your speeches or first dance. However, most couples only choose to live stream their wedding ceremony. Even other wedding-related occasions like your engagement party or bridal shower might be live streamed!

Why Should You Live Stream Your Wedding?

Couples may decide to live stream their wedding for various reasons, particularly in light of the current epidemic. Live streaming has virtually become our new standard as a result of COVID-19!

Live streaming your wedding could be a good idea for the following reasons:

  • You’re Arranging a Commitment Ceremony or an Elopement: If you’ve opted to organise a small wedding but want to include a larger number of friends and family, live streaming will allow you to do so.
  • Your Family Members Cannot Attend in Person: Even if you plan a traditional wedding, certain family members may be unable to attend owing to travel limitations or personal safety considerations. Live streaming allows you to share the most memorable moments of your day with all of your loved ones, even if they are far away.
  • You Want to Look Back on Your Wedding Day: Because your wedding is being streamed live, you and your guests will be able to watch it over and over again! If you cannot employ a videographer owing to financial restrictions, a live stream recording might be an alternate choice for capturing your important wedding highlights

Etiquette When Live Streaming a Wedding

To ensure that your live broadcast works appropriately from start to end, keep the following etiquette rules in mind:

  • Be Honest with Your Venue: If you intend to live stream your wedding, you should discuss this with your venue before the big day. Not only will you need to establish logistical issues like a data connection, but specific venues may have special recording regulations that you must follow.
  • Maintain Your Privacy: As an optional safeguard the privacy of both you and your wedding guests, you can elect to password-lock your wedding live stream. Doing so will prevent strangers from randomly hopping on stream to view your event. It does however add an additional level of complexity to those watching that may not already be tech savvy.
  • Take into Account Your Commencement Time: Allow ample time for your virtual guests to join the live broadcast before the ceremony begins so they don’t miss any crucial moments.
  • Engage with Your Virtual Visitors: Your virtual visitors would most likely prefer to celebrate with you in person. Consider how you may include them from afar and make them feel important, requesting your celebrant to mention them or speaking to them at the ceremony end, down the camera.


With live streaming, you can share your wedding with people who cannot be present in person. Not only can they follow the ceremony and reception activities, but they can also communicate with the attendees through the live stream.

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