Live streaming is a powerful tool businesses can use to connect with their audience and boost brand awareness. It has been growing in popularity even before the pandemic, but it has become even more popular due to the pandemic.

If you’re unsure how your business can use live streaming to boost brand awareness, we’ve got you covered. Check out our seven simple strategies below.

Showcase What’s Behind the Camera

You can use a live stream conference to create content that will give your audience a behind-the-scenes look at your brand. This will help you to connect with them on a more personal level. Some ideas for this sort of live stream are:

  • Highlight your team
  • Familiarise them with your office
  • Show how things are done

Videos documenting the creative process are popular for a reason. Not only are they interesting and captivating, but they also make viewers feel like they are a part of the process.

Work with Influencers

An expert can help you make your live webinars more successful and boost engagement. They can also help you establish authority in your niche, which will increase brand awareness.

Inviting an influencer to be a guest on your show can also mean that you get to tap into their audience. If your brand manages to make a good impression, you might be able to convert some of them into customers.

Highlight New Product Demonstrations

Product demonstrations that are streamed live can help your customers understand the product better while also promoting it.

This will allow your customers to ask any questions about the product and save you time responding to individual inquiries.

Customers can interact with one another and share their thoughts on the product. This way, they can better understand what others think about it.

Publish News, Updates, and Announcements

It’s useless to start an event without informing anyone beforehand. This is an excellent approach to make sure no one will see your live stream.

We can create the event using the Jum Media platform well before the launch so that everyone can watch it taking place and mark the date in their calendar.

You should immediately inform everyone. Sending out emails to prospective attendees, announcing the event on social media, and putting it on your website are all excellent ways to get the word out.

These are excellent strategies for attracting attendees to the event and ensuring high levels of participation.

Schedule Online Seminars or Webinars

Marketers know that it is essential to create content that their audience will find valuable in addition to company-related product releases and announcements. This means creating entertaining and engaging content on topics that relate to your industry rather than specific to your brand.

Webinars are an excellent strategy to connect with your target audience. By hosting a live stream conference on topics your audience is interested in, you can encourage them to tune into your live streams. This will boost engagement and get them talking about something they’re passionate about.

If your content is interesting, they will be more likely to share it with their peers and on their social media platforms.

You can also bring along knowledgeable guests to help you discuss the topic more deeply. Influencers are a great example of this, and you can read more about how to incorporate them into your event planning in the point below.

Host Question and Answer Engagements

Listening to your customers and showing them that you value their input is crucial, whether you’re trying to build brand awareness or maintain the standards your brand has already set.

Being transparent with your customers creates a positive image for your brand. You can speak to your audience’s questions, complaints, or compliments about your product or service immediately through a live Q&A session. An FAQ section can help save customer service time by providing answers to common questions.


Live streaming is a great strategy to boost brand awareness. However, it’s just one of many ways that you can use to promote your business. Make sure you’re maximising all the tools available to get the most out of your video marketing strategy.

For more great strategies to boost brand awareness using a live stream conference and other video marketing tips, check out Jum Media today. Contact us to learn how we’ve helped businesses across Sydney, Wollongong and NSW in front of millions of viewers.