The average person may associate live streams with sporting events. People worldwide take the time to watch a live broadcast on TV or the internet for sports events such as basketball, soccer, football, boxing, and others. However, other than sports, live streams have now extended to other industries, such as the funeral industry.

This article will explore the growing trend for live stream funerals.

Understanding Live Streaming

The transmission of live video coverage of an event via the internet is known as live streaming. A camera attached to a broadcast channel relays the incident in real-time. Simple technology now allows you to do this from your smartphone.

Many web technology companies see this as an opportunity to start new enterprises. Customers are now requesting that funeral directors offer this option. This digital advancement is another example of how technology is pushing cultural transformation.

Why Would You Want a Live Stream Funeral?

People want to partake in the communal sympathy of loss, which is the easy solution. This is an option to grieve together even if they are separated by thousands of miles, nations, or continents.

Is it the same as actually being there? No, but connecting with the event’s communal feeling via your smartphone or television is still possible. Ask any of the thousands of families who have utilised funeral live streaming.

Because of the mobility of families, this service is desirable and necessary to give to your consumers. For those who are too far away or too sick to travel, a live webcast of a funeral may be the only choice.

How Live Stream Funerals Help the Funeral Industry

Live streaming helps funeral professionals with the following:

More Opportunity to Serve Customers: Personal service is essential to the funeral profession. Funeral directors have a personal touch. They go above and beyond and seize every chance to make a bad situation comfortable.

Including this live streaming service in your organisation communicates to clients that you are adjusting your strategy to match their wants. We want to do everything we can to ensure that your entire family, no matter where they are, may join in the collective compassion on this tragic occasion.

Creating a Community: When we can express our sadness with others, we may begin to heal from loss. Families may be together in their grief no matter where they reside, thanks to live streaming funeral services. It will not be the same. However, it is a good substitute.

A Lasting Memorial: A lasting memorial saved online for future generations is an option made possible by digital technology. The footage can be preserved for future generations, creating a digital time capsule.

How Easy Is It to Live Stream?

The second driver of change is the availability of live streaming to anybody with a smartphone. Periscope and Meerkat provide live streaming from a smartphone on a basic platform. Facebook Live is also a highly accessible option, allowing users to go live streaming on their pages.


The use of live streaming in the funeral industry is a great way to provide families with a way to connect with loved ones who may be unable to attend the funeral service in person. This technology can also allow people to view the service from anywhere in the world, which can be a great comfort to those grieving.

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